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Does your horse spook at spays? Mine does 😕
At last a practical solution to the tug of war/spinning class that ensues every time a spray bottle makes an appearance within 5 feet of said horse (take a bow April)

Does Your Horse Spook at Sprays ? Yes? Then you need the Hush Brush . The new Hush Brush enables you to apply any liquid product on to the coat helping to reduce the risk of 'spooking' or wasting vast amounts of said liquid cash.
The All in One, multi purpose, no fuss, spray and brush.
Perfect to apply any liquid to mane, tail, body and feathers.
Use it with ease to apply any liquid product
Allows you to groom and spray with one 🤚
No more noisy hissing bottles.
Multi Purpose Bristle Design.
Reduce Time
Save Money
No Stress!!