Haas Soft Horse Hair (Fellglanz): Grooming Kit

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The Haas Soft Coat Fellglanz Brush is a Light, soft, thickly woven white horse hair brush

It fulfills all the needs for grooming and finish with a “pampering” effect.

Especially effective for sensitive horses.

Haas brushes are made in Germany. Haas have been manufacturing brushes since 1919. All Haas brushes are made from specially selected  synthetic materials and natural materials such as horse hair and natural fibres. Haas brushes do not have wooden backs and the hand straps are attached before the brush bristles and no nails, screws or pins are used. The strap cannot loosen or be pulled out. This guarantees a long-life brush.

Benefits of the Haas brushes are

• Hygiene (as the brushes are washable)
• High stability
• Long-life
• Easy handling
• Water resistant
• Accuracy in assembly
• Better anchorage of the bristles
• No Splintering Inserted hand strap, HAAS patent.